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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
w/Thru Coating and Color A&B Scan
Model No. UTG-2675

The UTG-2675 is a simple to use, highly accurate, hand-held Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with the ability to measure ultra-thin materials in super high resolution. Utilizing it's state of the art microprocessor and ultrasonic technology the 2675 ultrasonic thickness gauge offers you many outstanding features such as quick scan and extended memory. It features reliable and stable readings, standard or dual element measuring modes, convenient data display (in both millimeters and inches),high resolution .0001" (0.001mm), ease of operation, low power consumption(two AA batteries). These features make this ultrasonic thickness gauge unequalled in its performance as well as its value!

UNIQUE ultrasonic thickness gauge FEATURES:

  • Thru-Coating Capability
  • Live A Scan, Timed B-Scan
  • Ultra-High Resolution: 0.0001"
  • Large Data Memory Capacity: Stores 100,000 thickness values&1000 wave-forms

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Specifications:

Display type 2.4QVGA(320×240)true color OLED screen, contrast 10000:1
Operating Principle Adopts delay line probe ultrasonic measuring principle
Measuring Range 0.2mm to 25.4mm(0.006" to 1.00")
Measuring Resolution Selectable 0.001mm, 0.01mm or 0.1mm (selectable 0.0001, 0.001", 0.01")
Units Inch or Millimeter
Display Mode Normal, Minimum / Maximum capture, DIFF/RR%, A-Scan, B-Scan
V-Path Correction Automatic
Update Rate Selectable 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz per second
Material Velocity Range 500-9999m/s,0.0179-0.3937in/u
Languages Chinese, English, French, Germany, Japanese
Alarm Settings Minimum and Maximum alarms. Dynamic waveform color change on alarm
Power Requirements 2 AA size batteries
Operating Time 35+ hours
Instrument Shut-off Selectable ALWAYS ON or AUTO OFF after 5, 10, 20 minutes of inactivity
Operating Temperature -10ºC to +50ºC (+10ºF to +120ºF); -20ºC for special requirements
Size 153mm × 76mm × 37mm(H ×W ×D)
Weight 280g including batteries

UTG-2675 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge comes complete with Certificate of Calibration, Operation Manual and Custom Carry Case.

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